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Christopher Burgess brings his voice to Senior Online Safety with a practical guide for safety and security, both online and off. Regardless of age, you will find value in the content, as device configuration, practicing good cyber hygiene or being security aware has no age boundaries.
And while this is an online safety guide, included are descriptions and analyses of various criminal scams and techniques which are being used to prey upon all of us, both online and off; these range from the infamous “one-ring scam” to “identity theft.”

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Christopher Burgess presenting on the topic of Online Safety at AARP’s Scam Jam – 01 May 2014. 45 min presentation – via TVW – Washington State’s public news network

Senior Online Safety - Christopher Burgess speaking at the AARP Scam Jam - 01 May 2014

Christopher Burgess – Online Safety – a Senior Online Safety presentation at AARP’s Scam Jam – 01 May 2014