Yancey Taylor didn’t have Mob connections but he did have a gambling habit, investigators said. He was a con man.

Senior Online Safety - Yancey Taylor
Yancey Taylor – Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

A 69-year-old Pennsylvania woman was conned out of her life savings by a “professional liar,” a con man.

According to the PennLive, Yancey Taylor rented a home from the victim. Taylor endeared himself to the victim by collecting $4,000 of back rent from former tenants.

The following year, Taylor induced the victim to invest money in an opportunity. Once one investment was made, Taylor pressured the victim to make additional investments. When confronted by the victim as to why her investment had no returns, she was told, her investment “was accruing fees that’s she’d have to pay if she didn’t want to lose the money she had already committed.”

This was followed by phone calls from an individual using a voice distortion device who identified himself as “The Boss.” The Boss told the victim he “could observe anything that she was doing” and demanded $4,000 or risk losing her money.

The victim contact law enforcement, and at the next meeting with Taylor, was wearing a wire. Taylor implicated himself and was arrested.

The victim lost her life savings to Taylor, the con man.

Source: Con man who claimed he had Mafia ties bilked retired teacher out of $159K, AG says