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Senior-Online-Safety: Logo

Senior Online Safety is a Washington State registered not for profit corporation. The mission of Senior Online Safety is to provide information to keep you safe and secure as you transit the internet, where the goods and service we all require have us tethered. While our focus is on keeping senior citizens protected our alerts, guidance and actionable advice are of use to both seniors and those who are aspiring to become a senior.

History of Senior Online Safety:

Senior Online Safety - Christopher BurgessSenior Online Safety created by Christopher Burgess (@burgessct) in September 2013.

In December 2015, Senior Online Safety was incorporated as a not for profit corporation within the State of Washington. In January 2016, Prevendra, Inc. donated to Senior Online Safety all of the content and assets associated with Senior Online Safety, including the royalties from the two books, Senior Online Safety (english and spanish editions), completing in whole, the separation of Senior Online Safety from Prevendra.  Burgess continues to be active within Senior Online Safety, creating content and serving as the interim director.

Who is Christopher Burgess? He is a world recognized authority on safety and security. Having authored hundreds of articles and a few books on the topic over the course of his professional career.  You can read his complete bio here:  Christopher Burgess biography.

Updated: January 2017